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Researchers Map Hemp’s DNA to Reveal Its Full Potential
Author: Sarah Parfitt  03/11/2017 - 11:00:00

Hemp’s full potential remains largely unknown, but researchers have just mapped the DNA of hemp and hope it’ll begin to reveal it’s full potential. 

UC Davis, which is performing the DNA sequencing, has mapped genomes of grapes and coffee beans in the past, Newsweek reports. UC Davis is not the first to attempt genomic mapping of hemp. Their approach, however, is different and aims to provide clarity regarding the plant’s medicinal benefits. 

Dario Cantu of UC Davis said, “We have successfully applied cutting-edge DNA sequencing technologies and computational approaches to study challenging genomes of diverse crops and associated microorganisms. We are now excited to have the opportunity to study the genome of hemp. Decoding the genome will allow us to gain new insight into the genetic bases of complex pathways of secondary metabolism in plants.” 

Jonathon Vaught, CEO of FRB, said, “UC Davis is renowned as the leading agricultural university in the world and we are excited to work with Dr. Cantu’s team to improve this crop to reduce pesticide residues and excessive application of fertilizers, in preparation for production targeting medically beneficial compounds.”

Hemp has tremendous commercial potential, so the research may lead to worldwide commercialization improvements.

Photo: PollyHillard/BenDroz

Original article from only420.com:Researchers Map Hemp’s DNA to Reveal Its Full Potential


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