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Here’s What Jeff Sessions has been Saying about Cannabis this Month
Author: Sarah  02/11/2017 - 08:00:00

Since Trump nominated notorious racist and cannabis hater Jeff Sessions to run the Justice Department, legalization advocates and people in the industry have been extremely wary of what he might do in regard to legal cannabis. 

Tensions have been at an all time high since then press secretary Sean Spicer announced the Trump administration’s intention to crackdown on legal cannabis back in February. Sessions has talked about reviewing the Cole Memo, which states that the DOJ is not to expend resources going after cannabis in legal states. 

Medical cannabis is under protection by the Rohrabacher-Farr amendment until December 8th. After that, Congress will vote to extend it or not. If they vote against it, there’s nothing to stop Sessions from launching an all out assault on the cannabis industry. I have no doubt that he will make good on his threat. Sessions was quite vocal on the subject of cannabis this past month. 

Sessions has a Pot Obsession

Jeff Sessions has a bit of a pot obsession, at least that’s what former Obama attorney general Eric Holder says. At an event at John Jay College last week Holder commented on the current Justice Department’s position on cannabis. “Sessions’ almost obsession with marijuana I think is the thing that’s put the Justice Department in this strange place,” Holder said. It was under Holder’s Justice Department that the memorandum preventing the feds from going after legal cannabis was issued. There is no doubt in my mind that his abject hatred of cannabis is clouding his judgement on federal enforcement.

Jeff Sessions thinks this is as bad as heroin. Image powered by Evening Telegraph

He is Down for a Little Competition, However…

Sessions said something a little interesting and surprising while testifying in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Sessions said he thought it would be a good idea if there were more competition between growers who grow cannabis for research. He also said that he didn’t want there to be too much competition. “I think it would be healthier to have more competition in the supply, but I’m sure we don’t need 26 new suppliers,” Sessions said. This means that he is at least open to studying it.

Sessions Could go After Growers

Last week on conservative talk radio show host Hugh Hewitt’s show, Sessions indicated that he could see going specifically after cannabis growers, even though they’re in compliance with state laws.“A lot of states are just simply breaking the law and a lot of money is being made and banked,” Hewitt said. “One [RICO] prosecution of one producer and the banks that service them would shut this all down. Is such a prosecution going to happen,” he asked. Sessions replied that he didn’t think that states could simply ignore federal law, referencing the supremacy clause of the Constitution. He refused to confirm that this was his plan, instead saying to Hewitt,”I hear you.”

There’s only little more than a month left to go before the Rohrabacher-Farr amendment expires. Something tells me the next year is going to be especially interesting for the cannabis industry.

Featured Image Source: The Intercept

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