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Illinois: High School Newspaper Confiscated For Cannabis Content
Author: restore  20/10/2017 - 22:24:00

By Michael Bachara 
Hemp News 

Last month, prohibitionist administrators at Evanston Township High School confiscated an issue of the student newspaper, declaring it glorified drug use, drug dealing and promoted illegal conduct. Last week, at the meeting of the District 202 school board, the student journalists and first amendment legal advocates argued that the school may have violated state law by failing to show justification before confiscating the paper, which included coverage on cannabis use and policy. 

"Marijuana is a part of student culture here, and we decided to take advantage of our free speech as a part of the Evanston community. We decided to use our student platform to professionally report on a relevant topic," said Margo Levitan, the Evanstonian Online Executive Editor, at a board meeting Oct. 9. "We are not promoting marijuana usage...we hope that Evanston's message of free speech would apply to student voices as well, even if the subject is considered taboo." 

"I was really disappointed with the lack of explanation we received after the paper was confiscated. I was told I had to talk to my teacher or that I had to jump through multiple hoops to get an explanation, which seemed kind of crazy," said Katy Donati, an Executive Editor who described the move to take the papers as "unfair and inexcusable." Donati said the paper's staff attempted to set up a time with the administration to get an explanation but "no response was given." 

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