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EastSide Food Festival Not Serving Cannabis Infused Fare On Site
Author: Emily Manke  19/10/2017 - 22:54:00

The Fourth Annual EastSide Food Festival is set to yet again bring some of L.A.’s most unique, diverse and inspired cuisine. While event organizers had originally planned to have a separate cannabis-related section, but unfortunately a part of that particular event will no longer be occurring. 

Festival organizers had ambitiously planned a “Cannabis Corner” section of the festival for folks over 21 who had a California Medical Marijuana Recommendation Card, and an extra ticket for $15. Food served in the section would be infused with a conservative dose of no more than 5mg of THC per serving. The area would be sectioned off, and participants would get to choose from their own special menu, watch cannabis cooking demos and receive a small gift bag. While this plan may seem perfectly reasonable and safe to the common cannabis user, the city disagreed. 

After meeting with the city, and discovering their plans were relying on future recreational laws not yet in effect. After this, the plans changed. The Cannabis Corner will not be serving THC-laden treats, but it is still happening. The EastSide Food Festival’s website explains what the altered event will entail. “This year EASTSIDE FOOD FESTIVAL will include Cannabis Corner, where select vendors will educate guests on the intricacies and complex flavor profiles cannabis can add to food, and benefits to health and wellness that can be gained from culinary cannabis infusions.”

The cannabis chefs who will be teaching these demos are the host of “Pot Pie” Chef Brandin Lashea, and winner of Food Network’s ‘CHOPPED’ and owner of “Cannabis Pop Up Multi Course Dinner” La Hoja, Chef Luke Reyes.

If you’re disappointed about the news of no edibles, don’t fret, there’s a work around. Festival goers can just walk a few block over to the Silver Lake dispensary MOTA between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. to munch on some edibles. A festival wristband and a doctor’s recommendation for cannabis will get you some of these delectable complimentary samples.

So while the Cannabis Corner may not have been quite as glorious as planned, as usual cannabis entrepreneurs’ industriousness came through, and the show will go on. So if you’re in the LA area, you should show your local food vendors some support. The EastSide Food Festival is on October 22, from 4 pm to 7 p.m at Mack Sennet Studios.  General entry is $65.

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