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Greece Is On The Verge Of Adult-Use Decriminalization Of Cannabis
Author: Alice  17/10/2017 - 15:03:00

October 17,2017 Greece 

If you reside in Greece, there is some good news for you! A Greek official— YiannisTsironis—recently went live and called for the recreational marijuana to be legalized in Greece. YiannisTsironis is the Deputy Minister, Agriculture and belongs to the country’s Green Party. 

Greece is among the many countries whose federal policy outlaws marijuana. This country has had a history with hashish which led to the criminalization of cannabis back in the 1890s. However, the citizens of Greece continued to cultivate hashish regardless of it being illegal. This was particularly highlighted after the World War I as a majority of the Greek soldiers were using it to get their minds off the horrible days the war had made them witness. It was evident that the laws against hashish were not properly in effect at the time. 

Several drugs including cannabis are still illegal in this Balkan country. The only bright side to it is that lawmakers today have eased drug-related policies by quite a bit. If you’re caught, you may still face jail time, but at least you won’t be treated as a drug trafficker—who not to mention face serious consequences. The courts in Greek also differentiate between hazardous drugs like heroin and those like cannabis. This makes the situation in this country far better than many others that put the two drugs in the same category. 

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The Prime Minister of Greece—Alexis Tsipras—legalized medical marijuana this year. It was among the most recent countries in Europe who have developed and implemented a successful medical marijuana program throughout the country. Consumption of cannabis for adult-use is, however, still prohibited by the law.

The question here is that, will it always be this way? With the recent comments made by YiannisTsironis, it is clear that the lawmakers are looking forward to getting recreational cannabis legalized in the country. Deputy Minister Yiannis even said that once the recreational cannabis is legalized, citizens may be allowed to grow it on their property.

He said that the drug abuse in Greece is the reason why he wants cannabis to be legalized. According to Yiannis, if addicts of dangerous drugs are allowed to go and purchase cannabis legally, it would greatly help in harm reduction. Now we know that there has been an official call for adult-use legalization, but will this call progress and become a law?

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There is no denying the fact that legalization or decriminalization of cannabis will be a positive measure, but what if other drugs are also decriminalized in the process—not a very bright idea. Portugal tried the same thing by decriminalizing all drugs in 2001, and the measure deemed quite successful. The death from overdosing plummeted by a great margin and the addicts made the most out of health interventions. As it happened, the addicts didn’t want to live the life they did. All that was required to put an end to Portugal’s drug addiction epidemic was a step to decriminalize drugs.

With drugs like cannabis, which is nonaddictive and anything but harmful, the legalization and decriminalization can be the right way go for Greece.

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