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Cannabis Industry Hit Hard by California Wildfires
Author: Duke London  13/10/2017 - 23:20:00

As wildfires rage across the state of California, it has become devastatingly clear who is in command. 

“This is an example of nature in control, and we are doing what we can, but we’re not being that effective at stopping the fire,” explained Cal Fire Battalion Chief Marshall Tuberville

Another source from Cal Fire reported that firefighting teams had contained “zero percent” of the sprawling blazes as of Monday night, which at that point had touched an estimated 100,000 acres. An additional 100,000 acres have been scorched since. 

Current reports state that 32 lives have been lost to the horrific wildfires, with officials expecting the death toll to rise as firefighters are able to reach more affected neighborhoods and possible victims. In Sonoma County alone, where the fires have done significant damage, nearly 300 people are reported missing. 

Though the effects of the wildfires have been felt as far south as Anaheim, the lion’s share of the damage has occurred in the Sonoma and Napa counties, with Mendocino and Yuba counties also experiencing tremendous loss. 

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