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Legal Age for Recreational-Cannabis Access Causes Confusions in Canada
Author: Alice  13/10/2017 - 15:37:00

October 13,2017 Canada 

The legal age to acquire cannabis in Ontario is nineteen. This is a perplexing matter for the people who are eighteen and considered legal. News has been around that there will be a particular cannabis law that will be designed in order to cope up with those aged eighteen and caught with cannabis. The thing that is causing the confusion is, is all that necessary? 

Preparations in different states of Canada are already underway for the legalization of recreational cannabis in this country next year. These preparations are more inclined towards the legal aspect including the regulation and restrictions regarding the sales of cannabis. People want to know who among them will be able to access cannabis and who will be restricted?

In the initial stages of the recreational cannabis bill, the federal government of Canada laid down a framework. According to The Cannabis Act, the framework set the legal age for adult-use cannabis consumption to be eighteen. However, it also allowed provincial provisions like the authority to different states to set their own legal age for cannabis access. 

Legal Age for Recreational-Cannabis- Image powered by Canada.ca

For instance, Quebec has announced that people at the age of eighteen and above can access recreational marijuana. It faced quite a bit of difficulty when it came to keeping the legal age eighteen. There were many calls to raise this age limit preferably to 21. Phillippe Couillard from Quebec said that this province will move forward parallel to the federal regulations.

However, things are quite different in Ontario. For starters, the state’s government does not comply with the federal legal age of eighteen, and instead raises it to nineteen for the purchase of adult-use cannabis. This is the same age people need to be in order to get their hands on alcohol. So, it might seem that Ontario is making random regulations, but the state is actually following its other laws for substance use.

A spokesperson—Nadine Ricketts—went on to shed light on the matter. She assured that in Ontario, no one under the age of nineteen will be caught if found with the possession of cannabis. However, the police will confiscate the substances.

Canada FLag with Marijuana – Image powered by Cannabisculture.com

This rise in the age limit of recreational cannabis use in Ontario has left the officials with loads of questions. For starters, will the people under 19 years of age be able to get cannabis mailed to themselves? Will those considered underage in Ontario be able to access cannabis in other states like Quebec where they are of legal age to access cannabis?

In addition to all that, another commonly asked question is regarding the cultivation of cannabis which forms under federal laws, and not the provincial. The bottom line is, why exactly does everything have to be so confusing? Is there a need for it to be this way?

Recreational cannabis will be legalized in cannabis next year. This is all the time states have to build proper regulations that explicitly define the limits regarding cannabis access.

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