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Blumenauer Offers Solution to Fight Opioid Crisis
Author: Alice  13/10/2017 - 16:44:00

October 13,2017 

Representative Earl Blumenauer is one of those people who will always back medical cannabis. He has always been in favor of its legalization. Earl has introduced numerous bills in addition to cosponsoring many others in order to have the medical marijuana legalized on the federal scale. This includes his efforts to legalize legal cannabis markets that are already in place. 

Earl Blumenauer is arguably one of the most loyal fans of cannabis in the . Recently, he participated in the US House Committee floor where the topic of discussion was the opioid epidemic. Earl pointed out that there are a lot of people who take opioid. He specifically pointed out veterans and stated that the chances of them accidentally overdosing are quite high, and that of course, can lead to death. 

The opioid crisis is real and as more research is done on the subject, the deepest darkest secrets of it are unveiling. According to Earl and many like him, medical marijuana is probably the safest solution to this massive problem. It is already available in 28 US states now. The point of his speech was that in all of those successfully legal marijuana states, it is the voters that have driven the legalization, not the politicians.

Opioid Crisis – Image powered by Patch.com

He further distributed a sheet that contained cited information. It was titled, “Physician Guide to Cannabis-Assisted Opioid Reduction”. It was about how marijuana can assist in the reduction of deaths related to opioid. Moreover, the single-page sheet also stated that cannabis can help in the overall reduction of opioid consumption, preventing overdoses.

Earl then addressed the Chairman saying that he is focusing on one particular item. Tapping the stack of paper in front, he implied that he wants his considerations regarding the replacement of opioid with medical cannabis to be acknowledged and acted upon.

Earl was actually referring to the legislation that he had introduced just recently. This was a cannabis bill which he had put forward along with Representative Any Harris. This was quite perplexing as Representative Harris has long been known to be an opponent of cannabis. It can be said with surety after what happened in the Columbia district—after the legalization of recreational use, Rep. Harris fought against the cannabis retail stores as well as its social clubs.

Fight Opioid Crisis – Image powered by Alphanewsmn.com

Earl Blumenauer did not take long to admit that he and Andy Harris stand poles apart when it comes to marijuana legalization. He then made his point saying that even Rep. Harris agrees that federal intervention in cannabis-related research is absolutely unnecessary.

The newly introduced House Resolution 3391 will amend the Controlled Substances Act. This will make it easier for the medical researchers to access marijuana.

By the end of his speech, Earl made it clear that the solution he has proposed to impede the opioid crisis is easily the most effective, not to mention the cheapest, alternative there is. It is also obvious by watching the lessened number of overdoses in places where medical marijuana is accessible. He requested the subcommittee to look into this matter and respond at their earliest convenience.

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