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Arizona’s Southwest Cannabis Conference and Expo Is October 13-14
Author: Dan Kingston  11/10/2017 - 20:08:00

The Southwest Cannabis Conference and Expo (SWCC Expo) will be in downtown Phoenix from October 13-14. The SWCC Expo is Arizona’s largest professional and educational medical marijuana event

The business-to-business event brings together experts from the local, regional and national marijuana industry to network and share the latest industry information at an event where individuals interested in the industry can come learn more from the industry experts. 

The SWCC Expo will be a large, 2-day event where entrepreneurs, industry leaders, companies, job seekers and any curious individuals can attend and learn about the blossoming U.S. marijuana industry. 

Attendees can listen to speakers discuss topics ranging from dispensary licensing, cultivation, and sales to doctorslawyers, and business operations. The conference also includes seminars from top industry leaders and an exhibit hall filled with hundreds of local and national marijuana industry businesses showcasing products and services. 

Purchase tickets here.

Original article from azmarijuana.com:Arizona’s Southwest Cannabis Conference and Expo Is October 13-14


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