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Political Party in Costa Rica Vows to Legalize Marijuana
Author: Jon Hiltz  12/10/2017 - 19:21:00

Federal elections in Costa Rica take place in February and a new political party in the Central American nation has vowed to legalize adult-use marijuana. 

The VAMOS Party, which in English translates to “Let’s Go,” has made the campaign promise to usher in a countrywide legal cannabis sector for Costa Ricans and tourists alike, should they be elected into Congress. 

“Currently, personal consumption of cannabis is not penalized, however, [cultivation] and distribution are,” said party leader Margarita Salas in an interview with Marijuana.com. Salas is a Harvard-educated politician who has been following the rapid cannabis reform happening in various parts of the world. 

“There is already a [bill] in Congress for medicinal use only, but we want to reform that so it also includes recreational use,” said Salas. She went on to add that the party also wants to modify some of the language in the current medical marijuana bill, which at this point has stalled in the Parliamentary process. “The [bill says] that cannabinoids are chemical compounds and it should establish that they are organic ones.” 

Salas wants to broaden the scope of the existing medical cannabis bill to include personal cultivation in the country. At the moment, the bill would allow for specific associations or licensed producers to grow pot, but Salas wants an inclusion for people to cultivate at home for personal consumption as well.

The bill also only allows for patients with a prescription to ingest cannabis, but Salas intends to change that to any adult who wants to partake.

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