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5 Benefits of Growing Marijuana Outdoors
Author: Robert Bergman  12/10/2017 - 11:56:00

5 Benefits of Growing Marijuana Outdoors: 

  • 5 Top Benefits 
  • Outdoor Gardening 

It may seem that growing marijuana outdoors is fraught with challenges and risks. This is the main reason why some growers prefer to grow indoors. But by applying certain measures, outdoor growing can be more rewarding and satisfying. 

When it comes to growing cannabis, many people think that the indoor setup affords more privacy. But this is not necessarily true. The same goes for the quantity of yield in the grow rooms. Sometimes, even when we can control all the variables, it’s still difficult to get the bountiful harvest that we expect. In short, while indoor growing sounds convenient, there are some things that can set us back. 

In contrast, outdoor gardening is filled with unexpected advantages. What are its perks and could it indeed be a better option for growing cannabis? In this article, we will explore the top benefits of growing outdoors and elaborate more on its implications. The following sections are reasons to consider choosing to grow weed outside. 

5 Top Benefits of Growing Marijuana Outdoors

Traditionally, people grow marijuana outside where it thrived and produced potent buds. But ever since the prohibition, its location for growing shifted indoors to avoid running into legal problems. Presently, many growers prefer this method. However, it still does not match the efficiency found in growing outdoors. To expand our knowledge, here are the top advantages we need to know about planting weed in the wild.

Growing Marijuana Outdoors – Image powered by Ilovegrowingmarijuana.com

  • Environment-Friendly

With the popularity of indoor growing comes the excessive consumption of energy. Grow rooms require lights, ventilation systems and other equipment that eat up a lot of the electricity.

Environment-Friendly – Image powered by Herb.co

In California, estimates show that a single household uses up as much as 8% of energy growing marijuana. That’s roughly using 200 pounds of coal to produce a pound of weed.

Environment-Friendly – Image powered by Herb.co

In contrast, outdoor growing needs only the sun, air, and water to thrive. It does not produce any carbon footprint and it even contributes to the dynamics of the ecosystem. So, if we want to save the planet, the outdoor option is the better choice.

  • High-Quality Buds

Blessed by the sun, natural soil, and fresh air, outdoor cannabis develops a distinct flavor. It is often none like the ones grown indoors. As such, some weed enthusiasts even swear that they can taste the earthy essence in strains grown outdoors.

High-Quality Buds – Image powered by Themaven.net

Aside from its pleasant aroma, we know that we are producing top-notch buds simply because we are the ones tending it. There is no need to buy from shady dealers who sell us brown weed. This type of product is harsh to smoke and may give a bad headache instead of a good high. Therefore, it’s way better to plant our own and get that vibrant green buds that are safer and give more satisfaction.

  • Incredibly Cheap and Effortless

Incredibly Cheap and Effortless – Image powered by Herb.co

One of the obvious benefits of growing weed outdoors is the free sun. The plants get unlimited sunshine that is many times better than the grow lights. Also free are the infinite supply of fresh air, carbon dioxide, and rainwater. As we know, these are all the elements that the hardy marijuana plant needs to flourish.

Aside from having all the crucial elements already handed to us, tending outdoors also does not need much expertise. All we need to do is buy the best seeds we can get then give them proper care to germinate. Once they sprout, we can leave them to grow by themselves.

Of course, we will need to check on the crop every now and then and feed it fertilizer and water. Extreme weather and pests also need to be dealt with but these are easily manageable. As such, weed thrives with the least amount of expenses and effort.

  • More Weed

Growing outdoors will most definitely lead to huge buds and overall higher yield. With the help of the sun and carbon dioxide, the plants will grow extra-large leaves. This, in turn, will help accumulate more energy to produce huge buds.

More Weed – Image powered by Alchimiaweb.com

Assuming that we have a secure location, the weed can grow larger than 180 cm. With this size, it can potentially produce around 500 g of dried buds. If we have just around 5 to 7 plants of this size, we can have a year’s worth supply of high-quality weed. For patients who medicate with it, this type of yield is especially useful.

Obviously, growing plants that are this enormous would be impossible indoors. Even with the perfect cultivation techniques, indoor plants can never grow as big as this.

  • Safer for the Grower

As we know, security is the main issue when growing cannabis outdoors. Again, this is the primary reason why cannabis cultivation shifted indoors. However, if we find a suitable location outside, this can be even more secure than keeping the plants inside our homes.

Safer for the Grower- Image powered by Blogs.enfemenino.com

To elaborate, ownership of outdoor weed gardens is tougher to trace than indoor ones. We always have the power of deniability when we are questioned, making us safer from any charges of crime. On the other hand, an indoor garden of weed in our own home leaves us with no way out.

To be successful in growing cannabis, we must make ourselves safe from any suspicion. Aside from not telling anyone, planting the crop in a covered area far from nosy passersby is ideal.

Outdoor Gardening is the Best Method to Grow Cannabis

Contrary to popular belief, growing weed outdoors is better for both the plants and growers. As we have discussed, there are many benefits in this method that enables the plants to thrive and produce a good harvest. It is also much cheaper, more relaxing, and safer for the weed grower.

As with other gardening skills, patience and knowledge play vital roles to be successful. So, if we apply all the measures discussed in this article, growing outdoors can indeed be a walk in the park.

While there may be downsides to it, these are less serious than the ones inherent in indoor gardening. So, when deciding on what method to use, refer to this article. Then prepare to reap all the rewards we can get from outdoor growing.

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