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Supreme Court Case Over Alcohol May Determine Future of Pot Sales in Canada
Author: Jon Hiltz  11/10/2017 - 23:45:00

A case headed to the Supreme Court of Canada that involves domestic liquor distribution may affect the way pot will be sold for years to come. 

In Canada, there are significant restrictions on alcohol transport over provincial borders. These regulations have not been disputed for 95 years and are in place to respect variances in government-controlled retail models for alcohol in different provinces. 

The rules in question were recently challenged in a New Brunswick provincial court through a resident named Gerard Comeau, who purchased 14 cases of beer and three bottles of liquor in Quebec and then drove home to his province. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police stopped Comeau, confiscated his alcohol, and gave him a $292.50 fine. 

Comeau’s lawyer argued that by doing this, law enforcement violated section 121 of Canada’s Constitution Act, which allows for a spirit of free trade between the provinces — and the judge agreed.

The New Brunswick government filed an appeal and now the case is headed to the highest court in Canada.

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