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Bangladesh-Based Band Moonshiner Explores the Intersection of Cannabis and Heavy Metal
Author: Addison Herron- Wheeler  10/10/2017 - 21:58:00

lthough blistering riffs and underground heavy doom metal are nothing strange in the United States, in Bangladesh, they aren’t quite so common. In a country where metal and cannabis may not be quite as widespread as they are in North America, Moonshiner is pioneering the heavy sounds for themselves, while also standing up for cannabis and the good it does. CULTURE sat down with Muttaki, the group’s guitarist, bassist and drummer, to talk about keeping it smoky and heavy. 

How did you get into doom metal and heavy metal, and how did you form?
Though it’s a very simple question, actually it takes some times to answer the “how” we got into doom or heavy metal. When we were teenagers, we used to explore different kinds of music, and when we were exposed to this type of music we noticed that it has something of its own; it carries some messages; it has its own philosophy. These things led us to explore different subgenres of metal, and thus we got into doom metal. 

Who are some of your biggest influences?
Black Sabbath, obviously. But when we decided that we were going to record some of our originals, we stopped listening to other bands from this genre. It’s really weird, but we did it so that we might not get influenced by any others . . . it was like, “We don’t know what we’re gonna play; we don’t know how our songs are going to sound; we’re going to play whatever comes to our mind.” But basically besides Sabbath, Acid Witch, Electric Wizard, Bevar Sea, Candlemass, Pentagram . . . we love their music.

Do you have any upcoming projects or concerns to announce?

We have to get high enough to write some new stuff, yeah! We’re rolling up for a full length.

What is the metal/doom metal scene like in Bangladesh?

It’s uprising. There are lots of good listeners and musicians here in Bangladesh who are getting concerned about the philosophy of metal, not only doom but others too, so we’re hoping for some pure metal sounds.

How do you feel about legalization so far, and how is cannabis treated in your country? Is there anything that could be done better, or differently?

It should be legal. There’s no alternate answer for that question. Cannabis isn’t legal here in Bangladesh yet and most of the sober guys think that people consume cannabis, get high and do mischievous stuff, but I never witnessed this kinda sh*t in my life . . . stoners are peaceful. Yes, there are exceptions, but cannabis helps you to set your inner self free. If anyone have anything mischievous inside himself, it’s his own fault; they should stop blaming a substance for this kind of sh*t.

How has cannabis affected your lives and your creative work?

I don’t know about the others; let me share some of my personal opinions on this question. By profession, I’m a physician. Consuming cannabis [hasn’t] have any effect on me so far. It helps me to enjoy my work, enjoy my arts and most importantly—it helps me to enjoy my life. If a little gift of nature helps me to find the joy from the most miserable situation of my daily life without hampering my daily work, then why shouldn’t I go for it? If there’s a mug of coffee for refreshment; why not a joint for happiness?

Why do you think cannabis is important for doom metal and in the metal scene in general?
It helps to explore inner thoughts. It doesn’t matter what kind of music you are representing; if it doesn’t reflect your inner thoughts, your own philosophy, then you’re just an instrument player.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?
Thanks for reading some words from a stoner!

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