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Governor Jerry Brown Vetoes Smoking Ban
Author: Alice  11/10/2017 - 16:43:00

October 11,2017 

Governor Jerry Brown is making moves that are making advocates of medical marijuana very happy. Last night, he vetoed a bill that was aimed to bar consumers of recreational marijuana from smoking it across beaches and parks. If it were allowed, smoking recreational cannabis across the 280 state parks and 300 miles of beaches across the state would have been barred. 

The governor said that if consumers won’t be allowed to smoke at deserted beaches, then where else would they be allowed, and he had a fair point. He said that the measure was a little overboard. Furthermore, the mandatory assessments would have totaled quite a bit on monetary penalties. A $100 fine would have risen to a mind-boggling $485. 

The vetoed bills have cheered the smokers of cigarette more than it has the cannabis smokers. On the other hand, Tom Angel form the Marijuana Moment has been out pointing how the state’s laws are written against public consumption of cannabis. 

Cannabis Smoking Ban – Image powered by Telegraph.co.uk

This is not the first-time Governor Jerry Brown has brushed off a proposal against vaping or smoking. The infamous Arnold Schwarzenegger had also disallowed a similar bill back in 2010 when he was Governor of the state.

The Assembly bill 725 and Senate Bill 386 would have applied to the consumption of cannabis, cigarette, and vaporizers. Those who backed these bills stated that they aim to reduce the environmental as well as health harms. Senator Steve Glazer who designed the Senate bill said that approval of the bill will see a considerable decrease in the health hazards that are posed by smoking on beaches and state parks.

Cigarette butts tend to be the greatest source of litter, especially by the coast. These discarded cigarette butts can cause a significant threat to wildlife. Another Senate Bill 386 was backed by a lot of local and national interest groups including California’s Fire Chief Association, American Heart Association, and American Cancer Society. These groups argued that approval of the bill will result in a decrease in public wastelands, exposure to secondhand smoke, and the cost of wildfires which clearly became a major concern due to the wildfire that hit California’s very first cannabis harvest.

Marijuana – Image powered by Outsidethebeltway.com

A surfer from Los Angeles said that he was absolutely infuriated with Brown’s decision to let down the bill. He said that a majority of the coastal cities like Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco have passed already passed bans.

Scott St. Blaze—the surfer—said that he was confused as to why Brown would do this. Scott said that Governor Brown was proposed a good legislation. It was perfect or the environment, and also would have saved a good bit of money for the taxpayers.

On the other hand, consumers of recreational marijuana, vapes, and cigarettes are all pretty satisfied.

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