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MMJ Might Not Remain Protected from Jeff Sessions
Author: Alice  10/10/2017 - 16:24:00

October 10,2017 

The Rohrabacher–Farr Amendment is a congressional bill that bars the Justice Department from impeaching medical cannabis in marijuana-legal states. That bill might disappear soon though. 

The advocates of medical cannabis have until December 8th before the Congress excludes this amendment from the 2018 bill. This has created a lot of uneasiness in the industry, and why wouldn’t it? The disappearance of this amendment would lift the rights to MMJ protections. This means that the millions of people who need medical marijuana for their illnesses will all be left to the discretion of the federal government, and whether it decides to intervene or not. 

Sarah Trumble from the Third Way said that it is quite a shocking thing to see MMJ protections at risk. This is nothing less than a blank check for Jeff Sessions to raid on marijuana. Congress is already about to finalize the spending bill for 2018. It is upon the Senate and the House as to whether these protections remain intact. This was an expected bit of trouble from the moment that Sessions impeded the amendments related to marijuana from being considered. 

Senate and the House – Image powered by Kut.org

If this amendment is to make it into the final budget, both the Houses need to work in harmony. The Congress actually reaffirmed that it does back the amendment. However, the assurance was tucked deep into a disaster-relief bill—which ironically, is not very reassuring. This matter of concern is also creating a lot of tension among the Republicans who were in favor of medical marijuana. As Republican Earl Blumenauer said,

“Marijuana got more votes than Trump”

The point is that the entire cannabis industry is nervous about what waits in store for them. There is a way that the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer Amendment can be turned into a law by the year’s end. On the other hand, the possibility of the amendment’s exclusion from the 2018 budget haunts everyone.

Marijuana – Image powered by Verywell.com

It is fair to say that anything could happen. All we can do right now is wait, while being optimistic about the outcome. To try and make an impact, we have until December 8th to contact the Congress, urging them to add the medical marijuana protections to the bill. To have your voice heard, you can follow this link.

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