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Porn Star Pleads Guilty to Conspiring to Sell $1M Worth of Weed
Author: Adam Drury  10/10/2017 - 16:39:00

Pulling off a million dollar weed deal must be hard enough. It’s probably even harder for a high-profile adult film star. But gay porn star Chris Bines thought he’d try his hand at it. Ultimately, though, the porn star pleaded guilty to conspiring to sell $1M worth of weed. 

Busted: Chris Bines Pleads Guilty To Felony Drug Trafficking 

Born Steven Sholly, Chris Bines has made a name for himself as the star of popular gay porn films Randy Blue, Raging Stallion and most recentlyDark Matter, with the studio Raging Hot Falcon. 

Bines’ legal troubles haven’t seemed to have had any effect on his adult film career, however. In fact, it seems the studio is riding the wave of Bines’ sudden moment in national news headlines to hype his newest film. Raging Hot Falcon recently released several brand-new scenes featuring Bines. 

According to ST8UPGayPorn, in a (NSFW!) post about the porn star, Bines shot those scenes in Las Vegas. But Bines is currently unable to travel outside Florida, where his case is pending.

Police arrested Bines back in July on charges that he conspired to distribute and possess marijuana in Florida between January 2014 and June 2017.

But Bines was hardly the only person involved in the bust.

Far from a one-man show, Bines is alleged to have conspired with seven other men, including a father-son duo, to sell 100 kilograms of cannabis. The indictment, also obtained by ST8UPGayPorn, lists several other defendants with nicknames like “Bubba,” “Ginger” and “Slim.”

The court documents also reveal that Bines was not a major player in the conspiracy. As a result, he’s facing a much shorter prison sentence than some of his co-conspirators.

After his July arrest, police released Bines on bail at the end of August. Bines has since pleaded guilty to the felony charges. Those charges carry a maximum one year sentence. However, Bines is likely to receive a shorter sentence in return for entering a guilty plea.

Bines remains out of custody. And his sentencing hearing will take place on January 9, 2018.

Porn Star Pleads Guilty To Conspiring To Sell $1M Worth of Weed: How Much Weed Is That?

While other alleged co-conspirators are staring down the barrel of a 10-year prison sentence, Chris Bines will very likely serve less than a year.

But still, one million bucks worth of weed is quite a lot. So how much weed did Bines and company actually try to sell?

According to the indictment, police seized 100 kilograms of cannabis. That’s roughly 3,520 ounces or 220 pounds of weed. Street prices for an ounce of cannabis in the United States obviously vary based on quality and supply. But a good average is $300 per ounce for black market cannabis. Of course, the price can be much lower in weed-legal states like Oregon.

Based on those calculations, the total worth of Bines’ weed would be well over $1M.

Bines may not have been involved with possessing and intending to distribute that entire amount, which is why he’s looking at a shorter sentence.

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