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The Most Common Cannabis Slang from Around the Globe
Author: Marijuana.com Staff 09/10/2017 - 20:34:00

A weed by any other name would smell as dank. Cannabis, weed, reefer, trees, loud – the list goes on for the many monikers of marijuana. But what do they like to call it online and in the streets of South Africa? Norway? India? 

The Marijuana.com team has compiled a list of the most commonly searched weed-slang from around the globe. We analyzed a laundry list of frequently used words in the marijuana lexicon to identify which were the most popular in each country. We then compared the trending popularity of specific weed words in search queries — a string of words typed into a search engine. 

In our research, we learned there are three terms in the stoner lexicon with overwhelming popularity all over the globe: “420,” “Mary Jane,” and “Weed.” Those three terms ranked somewhere at the top of the list in almost every country. While these slang terms originated in North America, sweet Mary Jane and the legendary Waldos are identifiable to stoners across the planet, reminding us that the cannabis community is incredibly tight-knit. 

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