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Researchers Discover Solution to Cannabinoid Intoxication in Diet Drug
Author: Benjamin M. Adams  09/10/2017 - 22:03:00

A new study indicates that researchers may have found the solution for cannabinoid intoxication in a slimming drug. AM251, a CB1 receptor antagonist, appears to block the effect of cannabinoids. The main purpose of the study was to look into a potential solution for dangerous synthetic cannabinoids, which have little to do with actual cannabis, but possess similar molecular structures. 

Rodents were administered with a dose of cannabinoid and after showing signs of intoxication, were given a dose of give-milligrams per kilogram of the AM251 molecule. The effects of the cannabinoid were significantly reduced within 20 minutes. “Cannabinoid receptor antagonists have been widely used and so may provide an acceptable single-dose antidote to cannabinoid intoxication,” researchers concluded. “This use may save human life, where the life-threatening effects are mediated by cannabinoid receptors and not off-target influences of the synthetic cannabinoids or non-cannabinoids within the recreational drug mixture.” 

AM251 is structurally similar to the drug rimonabant. Rimonabant was once commonly sold as an anti-obesity drug called Acomplia or Zimulti in Europe. The drug was shelved, however, in 2008 due to unwanted psychiatric effects. The drug rimonabant, researchers say, is worth re-manufacturing for the purpose of an antidote to cannabinoid intoxication.

Other similar drugs, such as AM6545, work in a similar fashion and reduce food cravings. Other analogs of rimonabant have been in development, mostly because of their dietary effects. Scientists can only do their best to compete with the endless list of dangerous synthetic drugs analogs that have been sold on the street as spice.

Black pepper is one of nature’s most effective cannabis antidotes. Black pepper is rich in caryophyllene, which binds to the same receptors as THC, and is common in cannabis. Black pepper works a little differently, by hogging CB1 receptors to reduce the effect of cannabis.

Beyond helping with spice overdoses, AM251 and other drugs may be useful in the future as a remedy for eating too much cannabis edibles. Other companies like CannaSafety and Chillax have offered products to calm or reduce the effects of consuming too much cannabis.

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