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Julian Marley to Sell Cannabis in Canada and Europe
Author: Benjamin M. Adams  06/10/2017 - 20:18:00

image via Alessio Del Regno 

Julian Marley is expanding his line of cannabis products to Canada and Western Europe, according to an October 6 press release. Marley’s JuJu Royal™ cannabis line features four designer strains. Maricann Group Inc. is partnering with Marley and International Cannabrands Ltd., a subsidiary of GEA Technologies Ltd. to expand business to other parts of the world. He’s one of many Marley siblings to invest in a cannabis business. 

Marley’s four strains include JuJu OG, Heavenly Heights, Lion’s Domain and Jungle Cheese. JuJu Royal™ also sells vaporizer pens called Irie Sticks, CBD Vape Juice in four sizes, Sublingual Tabs and CBD cartridges. Judging by the selection of products, much of the focus has been on the medicinal side of cannabis. 

“JuJu Royal is freedom,” stated Marley. “I welcome Maricann to JuJu Royal, our vision is to heal the world with organics as herb is the healing of the nation. It’s a pleasure to spread this love and joy together all because of this amazing plant.” Maricann is one of Canada’s licensed producers and distributors, with facilities in Germany as well.

Maricann will offer the JuJul Royal™ line of four cannabis strains to its existing medical patients beginning on January 1. Currently, JuJu Royal™ products are available in California, Washington, Colorado and Puerto Rico. CBD-only products are available in the United Kingdom, which happens to be Marley’s birthplace.

Many of Bob Marley’s sons and daughters have launched ventures that sell cannabis, honoring their father’s dynasty. Damian Marley, for instance, is converting a California prison into a commercial cannabis farm and owns stakes in High Times and Marley Natural. Ziggy Marley launched a hemp seed line. Rohan Marley recently announced his plans to launch “the Starbucks of cannabis.” Cedella Marley published a cannabis cookbook. Stephen Marley has dabbled in cannabis business as well. Julian Marley is Bob Marley’s only son that was born in the United Kingdom. His company’s ongoing expansion is proof that his decision to invest in cannabis was a smart choice.

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