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Edibles Are Coming to Canada One Year Late
Author: Jon Hiltz  06/10/2017 - 13:00:00

This week, Canada’s standing committee on health voted to amend Bill C-45, the bill that will eventually legalize cannabis across Canada. 

The two amendments started with the inclusion of edibles no later than 12 months after legalization has been enacted next July. The second modification was the dismissal of the 100-cm height limit on the four plants Canadians will be allowed to grow at home. 

“I had 37 different amendments and most of those were shot down by the government,” said NDP health critic and a vice chair of the standing committee Don Davies, in an interview with Marijuana.com. Davies did stress to the committee the need for those two amendments that were ultimately adopted. 

Davies stated that the removal of height restrictions on home-grown plants was based upon testimony from botanists and others with experience growing cannabis. “There was absolutely no compelling reason to justify a 100-cm limit,” he said. 

Further, on the issue of height restrictions, nobody could explain why this seemingly arbitrary number was there in the first place. “One of the arguments made by the Ministry of Justice was that it was to control the yield of the plant, on the flawed and mistaken assumption that the higher the plant, the greater the yield.”

Davies added that because people are growing marijuana on private property, it will be very difficult for police to enforce the rule. “As one of the witnesses said, you don’t want to criminalize gardening. Don’t make our police officers have to carry yardsticks.”

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