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Canadian Cannabis on The Verge of Legalization
Author: Alice  06/10/2017 - 11:48:00

October 06,2017 

Canada is on the verge of legalizing cannabis. The country is working towards ensuring that everything gets streamlined prior to next year so it would be able to make the most out of this prolific industry. There are several different exposition and conferences being held on how exactly Canada will go through the historic transition. 

In fact, there is an Expo today at the Niagara Falls Scotiabank Convention Centre. It is featuring more than a hundred speakers who come from a wide array of backgrounds focusing on the cultivation of cannabis. 

Randy Rowe who is the organizer of today’s Expo said that his team is trying to lure the professionals of the industry from different places who will likely be involved in the cultivation of cannabis. He further went on to state that the Niagara area alone is captivating many licensed producers. If you take a drive through the highway, you will witness a lot of greenhouses. Rowe said, 

Canada Flag with Marijuana – Image powered by Merryjane.com

“Also, the climate down here is perfect in Ontario. We’re the most southern part of Canada basically, so we have a great climate down here.”

Last Monday, there was another conference held in Calgary. The sold-out conference was focused on addressing the adaptation of different workplaces to the legal-wed era. ‘Cannabis At Work’ is the consulting company that hosted this forum. The successful event features various workshops directed towards demystifying” the herb, and diving deep into the recreational and medical use of marijuana. Another key focused area of this event was to define the difference between CBD and THC. There were many other marijuana-related matters discussed in this conference.

The CEO— Alison McMahon—of Cannabis At Work said that they are taking every measure in order to ensure proper education of cannabis legalization, and the importance it holds as medicine. Alison further went on to say that the all of this—the cannabis-education work—is directed towards the development of the best possible workplace strategies. The core focus is to find how an employee would be allowed to use prescribed cannabis during work hours. Cannabis At Work also focuses on the legalization of recreational cannabis, and how it may impact these workplaces.

Marijuana – Image powered by Cannabisculture.com

Unlike medical cannabis, the adult-use marijuana will be legalized in Canada by July in 2018. The problem is that there are several controversies surrounding the recreational legalization. For starters, the bill allowing recreational marijuana sets the legal age for consumption at the age of 18. On the other hand, provinces will have the power to alter this age limit to their fit.

The good part is that Health Canada will soon be launching a media campaign directed towards educating minors how the consumption of recreational cannabis can be risky.

Canada is doing well on the medical cannabis legalization, but it still has a lot of work to do before it legalizes recreational marijuana.

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