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Alberta Announces its Marijuana Framework
Author: Jon Hiltz  05/10/2017 - 17:51:00

In the second official announcement of a complete framework for legal marijuana, the Province of Alberta has set their minimum age to use and purchase pot at 18 years. 

Although New Brunswick has partially laid out its plans, and information from Québec’s upcoming system has been leaked, Ontario is the only province up until this point to provide a glimpse into how legal cannabis will be ushered into Canada. 

Yesterday, Alberta Justice Minister Kathleen Ganley introduced the details of the provincial legislation for the prairie province. 

First, it will be legal to possess up to 30 grams of pot in public, with no limit on possession in private residences. As well, smoking and vaping marijuana in public will fall under existing tobacco laws. There will also be no smoking or vaping in vehicles, even for passengers. 

Adults will be allowed to grow four plants per household to a maximum height of 1 meter and all growing must be done indoors. There will be no outdoor growing permitted.

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