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Medical Students Are Not Educated On Medical Cannabis
Author: John McClain  05/10/2017 - 22:03:00

Medical cannabis may be growing in popularity and legality in the United States, but medical school isn’t preparing up-and-coming students to use it as a tool for patients

The Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, Missouri recently conducted a survey of medical school deans, residents and fellow around the country and found that education regarding medical cannabis is basically non-existent. Of the 101 surveys that came back, two-thirds of those said their students would not be prepared to prescribe medical cannabis. A quarter of the medical school deans said that their students wouldn’t even be able to answer patients’ questions about it. 

The research team also reached out to 258 residents and fellows who had studied elsewhere before coming to St. Louis. With them, the researchers found that 90 percent of them felt they weren’t prepared to discuss medical cannabis with patients, and almost all of them had received no education on the topic in medical school.

The research team also studied the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) database and found only nine percent of colleges reported teaching students about medical cannabis.

“As a future physician, it worries me,” said Anastasia Evanoff, a third-year medical student and the research team leader for the project. “We need to know how to answer questions about medical marijuana’s risks and benefits, but there is a fundamental mismatch between state laws involving marijuana and the education physicians-in-training receive at medical schools throughout the country.”

“More medical students are now getting better training about opioids, for example,” said Evanoff. “We talk about how those drugs can affect every organ system in the body, and we learn how to discuss the risks and benefits with patients. But if a patient were to ask about medical marijuana, most medical students wouldn’t know what to say.”

The paradox of teaching about a beneficial medication in a country where it is federally illegal has made the conversation hard, alluding to the conflicting research and risk beliefs.

“You address the controversy,” said Carolyn Dufault, PhD, assistant dean for education at Washington University and medicine instructor. “You say, ‘This is what we know,’ and you guide students to the points of controversy. You also point out where there may be research opportunities.”

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