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The Purr-fect Dose
Author: M. Jay  05/10/2017 - 14:00:00

Human medical patients across the world, after spanning centuries of experimentation, have found that cannabidiol (CBD) offers important, life-changing properties. Now, owners, masters, companions and others are finding that their pets can also benefit. It is no longer unusual to treat pets with CBD—in fact, over the past few years it’s become acceptable to give canines CBD in order to treat certain medical conditions such as epilepsy, or more common issues such as treating joint pain in old age. However, despite the less common use of CBD for felines, they can also benefit from cannabis. 

“Since Spider started consuming cannabis, he was reported to also be more cuddly and active, in addition to putting on some weight.” 

There are many companies who are developing cannabis medications for pets, both the canine and feline variety. Some of these companies include Seattle-based CannaVet, True Leaf Pet, Pet Releaf and Canna-Pet, to name a few. CULTURE connected with Canna-Pet to learn more about the efficacy of medical cannabis for pets. Established in 2013, this company offers hemp-derived products for pets. Samantha Wormser, spokesperson for Canna-Pet shared more about the effectiveness of her company’s products. “More than two dozen cannabinoid, terpenes and flavonoids are found in our products,” Wormser said. These cannabinoids have been proven to work for treating multiple symptoms.

Some of the most profound results from cannabis use can be seen in cats with seizures. Cannabinoids work by activating the brain’s CB1 receptors, thus reducing the length and frequency of a seizure. Often, completely dissolving the occurrence of seizures all together.

What other kinds of issues does cannabis help with? “There are definitely a lot of different ailments that are treatable with Canna-Pet. But, the top would be anxiety, gastro issues (lack of appetite, diarrhea, etc.) and pain and seizures,” added Wormser.

There are many feline owners who have already found success in treating their companions with CBD. According to one company that manufactures CBD medicine for pets, it has the potential to turn some pet’s lives around. One anonymous cat owner provided a testimonial about their pet’s improvement with Canna-Pet’s medicine. The pet owner’s cat, Spider, was suffering both from cancer as well as a lack of appetite. “About a week after starting my 17-year-old tabby boy Spider, on Canna-Pet, he started acting like a new cat!” the owner wrote. “He has always been a picky eater, and over the last year he has at times completely stopped eating and lost weight.” Since Spider started consuming cannabis, he was reported to also be more cuddly and active, in addition to putting on some weight.

Many veterinarians are beginning to recognize the effectiveness of medical cannabis as well. Dr. Angie Krause of Holistic Veterinarian in Boulder, Colorado is one of many who treats cats with cannabis. “We have been using HempRx to treat arthritis, anxiety, cancer, seizures and IBD in kitties,” she told CULURE. Most commonly, she’s witnessed cats experiencing arthritis and pain. Fortunately, she added that there isn’t normally a problem administering CBD medicine to cats. “I have seen very few side effects and most cats find the oil palatable.”

For those who are interested in giving their cat cannabis, Dr. Krause recommends starting off slow. “Start with a CBD only product and ensure the potency is therapeutic,” she noted. “While there are beneficial properties of THC, our kitties can’t tell us what they are feeling. These [CBD-only] products are also more available in all 50 states. Good farming practices and extraction methods do make a big difference in the quality of the product.”

There are some domestic felines that have lived up to 30 years. While the secret to this longevity is unknown, what we do know is that older cats especially are in need of medicine to help them live healthier, longer and happier. Thanks to CBD treatments, many felines are able to go about their daily lives and stay with their families longer.

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