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New Cannabis Documentary Debuts
Author: Addison Herron- Wheeler  04/10/2017 - 20:13:00

With cannabis making mainstream headlines almost every day, people who once wrote cannabis off as a harmful substance are beginning to get curious about the plant’s history and how its industry has grown. To help bring knowledge to the masses, advocate Peter Spirer directed The Legend of 420, a documentary that goes into previously-unexplored depth about cannabis. We caught up with Spirer to ask him a few questions about his creative process and his love for cannabis. 

What made you decide to make this film? 

A year ago the CEO at XLrator, Barry Gordon, asked me to do a film on the current state of the cannabis industry. I told him I was the wrong guy. He urged me to read about it. Certainly I wanted positive cannabis legislation, but I was no expert by any means. I read the pros and cons of cannabis legalization.

The critics argued that there was not enough research done on cannabis, that we don’t know what the proper dosage is, that it’s harmful and addictive. So I went on PubMed, which is an arm of the National Institutes of Health, the gold standard for medical research and journalism. I discovered over 25,000 peer reviewed studies on cannabis—25,000! Compare that to say Tylenol or Aspirin, where combined, there are far less studies. Virtually everything you want to know about cannabis is out there. It’s not hard to find. As someone who was an occasional recreational user, I was amazed to find the numerous health benefits. My malaise about cannabis subsided and was replaced by a healthy dose of contempt for the role our government has played in misinformation and prohibition.

What impact do you think this will have on the cannabis community?

I think it will be good reflection on the cannabis community, having a film that speaks to a variety of issues and a good sampling of the industry. We all have that friend who doesn’t get it—or that aunt and uncle who just can’t get over their childhood brainwashing. This might be a nice remedy.

Do you think this will change anyone’s mind about cannabis if they aren’t already on board?

No. This film is a celebration to people in-the-know, so they will certainly enjoy it, but it’s intended to give others who are curious about the cannabis industry some information in a fun and entertaining way. There is information about businesses being created and the benefits, such as medical use.

What did it take to make this movie – how long were you working on this project?

It took Barry Gordon to convince me this was a good idea. We began production in late December of last year and finished in July of this year.

What do you think about legalization efforts so far? What do you think could be done better or differently?

That would require a very long answer. I’ll just say that the path to legalization has been far too slow. Too many people have suffered and will continue to suffer until cannabis is legal in every state. Cannabis should be regulated, but less regulated than alcohol. Because as we both know, alcohol can kill you [and] cannabis cannot.

What do you hope the cannabis industry will look like in 10 years? In 20?

I hope every state in the union is legalized. I will be shocked if it isn’t in 10 years. I also hope those that started years ago aren’t squeezed out, that it doesn’t become too industrialized.

Who are some of your biggest heroes in the world of cannabis?

Amy Dawn Bourlon-Hilterbran, who is a proponent of medical cannabis for children, such as her own child who suffers from gran mal seizures. They have been virtually eliminated with cannabis use. Henry Rollins, because even though he doesn’t take cannabis, he recognizes its benefits and supports positive cannabis legislation.

How did you first start consuming cannabis, and how did it change your life?

I can’t say cannabis changed my life. However it has allowed [me] to sleep better, has allowed me to recover from my minor injuries with less pain. It has allowed me to be more open to opportunities creatively. It has relieved anxiety and allowed me to relax faster. Did I start off saying cannabis hasn’t changed my life? Whoops.

What is your favorite strain?

Headband, a recent discovery in Colorado. I love it. It’s a great feeling to be on Headband. It has a slightly spacey, airy feel that heightens the senses in a good way. It’s really great to listen to music on it.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Yes, please rent, buy, watch, The Legend of 420. Seriously, let’s support cannabis candidates.  Not to vote is a vote against your interests if you support cannabis. Also, if want to get in the industry, now is the time.

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