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Haleigh’s Hope Certified Organic by USDA
Author: Benjamin M. Adams  14/09/2017 - 22:07:00

Haleigh’s Hope announced on September 14 that the company has received Organic Certification from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Many cannabis products claim to be organic, but a stamp of approval from the USDA is a major step toward cannabis normalization. 

Last month the USDA announced it would allow organic certification for hemp crops, as long as they are in compliance with section 7606 of the USDA’s Farm Bill, the Agricultural Act of 2014. Haleigh’s Hope is considered hemp even though it is used medicinally. 

The approval was considered an honor. “Receiving USDA Organic Certification is a very proud moment for myself and our entire team as it is a very long and rigorous process, which included an inspection of every single part of our operation,” Jason Cranford, founder of Haleigh’s Hope stated in a press release. “We have always grown Haleigh’s Hope following organic methods and protocols but now we can finally show officially that we are USDA Organic Certified. It confirms our dedication to grow some of the cleanest, safest and all around best plants for our consumers.”

To qualify, companies like Haleigh’s Hope must pass through a tedious five-step program that involves strict inspections and documentation. For instance, crops must be free of synthetic nutrients and pesticides.

Each year, Haleigh’s Hope must also renew its Colorado Department of Agriculture Hemp Certification by proving that its crops contain 0.3 percent of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) or less. Haleigh’s Hope was named after Haleigh Cox, an epileptic Georgia girl who found significant relief from the CBD-rich flowers that are now called Haleigh’s Hope. Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal signed the Haleigh’s Hope Act in 2015 which legalized low-THC strains in Georgia.

Any organic farm or business that grosses more than $5,000 in organic sales must be certified by the USDA, according to the USDA website. The benefits of organic certification include the ability to charge premium prices for organic products and having access to funding programs.

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