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San Diego Legalizes Cannabis Cultivation and Manufacturing
Author: John McClain  14/09/2017 - 23:06:00

One of the biggest cities in California has decided to allow a complete cannabis supply chain and market in city limits before it is legal next year. 

San Diego City Council voted 6-3 in favor of legalizing cannabis cultivation, manufacturing and testing locally. Cannabis will be legal within city limits beginning in January when California’s cannabis laws take effect. The vote took place after a four-hour public hearing where supporters thanked the city for considering a full supply change, one of a few cities in California to do so. 

“It’s very important to me to provide members of the community with a safe product,” said Councilmember Barbara Bry. “I look forward to broad participation from the community as we move forward in regulating this industry.”

The majority of council members supported allowing a cannabis market saying that the supply chain for the city dispensaries would create jobs, improve the quality of local cannabis products and give a boost to the economy. Earlier this year San Diego agreed to let medical cannabis dispensaries sell to recreational customers earlier this year.

The city’s police chief, Shelly Zimmerman, spoke of her concerns about the threat to public safety if it was legalized. Part of the city council’s decision to approve cannabis cultivation ad manufacturing in San Diego was to help prevent a black market from forming. Councilwoman Lorie Zapf agreed.  “I think we should listen to our police chief,” said Zapf. “We were elected if nothing else to oversee public safety and we’re just absolutely going down the wrong road.” She said the current legal dispensaries had generated 272 service calls for robberies and violence.

However, executive director of the Association of Cannabis Professionals Dallin Young said 30 businesses already manufacturing and cultivating with city approval have not been the subject of any complaints.

The city council ignored a proposed cap of businesses allowed in the city. San Diego will allow a citywide cap of 40 businesses. The city also eliminated a rule prohibiting marijuana businesses operating within 100 feet of each other.

Unfortunately, many businesses currently operating in San Diego will not be able to comply with the new zoning laws for cannabis businesses. They are also allowed to operate for two more years but must obtain the permits to operate long term along with other businesses.

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