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Hawaii Becomes First State to Force Cashless Marijuana Transactions
Author: Sarah Parfitt  13/09/2017 - 21:46:00

In order to reduce potential crime and avoid robberies, Hawaii officials have made cashless marijuana sales a requirement. As of October 1, medical marijuana dispensaries won’t be able to accept cash anymore. All transactions must be done using a debit payment app. 

The app is already available in six other states, according to Fox 6 Now. Since these businesses can’t find banks to work with, the CanPay app is the next best thing. The app uses a Colorado-based credit union. 

During the Obama administration, guidelines were put in place by the Justice Department that would protect banks from federal prosecution if they chose to work with legal marijuana businesses. Banks, however, are still too scared to do it. There are a few strewn about the country that will risk it for these legally operating businesses. 

Even Visa and Mastercard have said they won’t allow their cards to be used to make marijuana-related purchases.

A smartphone is not required to use the CanPay app. Hawaii medical marijuana patients can sign up via email. They’ll have to create a pin. Purchases are made using dispensary-provided tablets using the patients’ unique login information entered onto the tablet by the patient.

Original article from himarijuana.com:Hawaii Becomes First State to Force Cashless Marijuana Transactions


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