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Israeli Entrepreneur Producing Marijuana Innovation Expo in London
Author: Sarah Parfitt 13/09/2017 - 13:05:00

The event is being called the first-ever international summit for accelerating marijuana innovation. The iCAN: Israel-Cannabis conference hopes to help Britain and other countries move toward decriminalization or legalization. 

Scientists, regulators and entrepreneurs will all be featured to discuss the medical uses of marijuana at the conference, according to The JC. The conference will be held in London in October. 

Israel has led the world in marijuana research. The Israeli military started using THC in 2004 to treat PTSD and medical use has been legal since the early 1990s.

Saul Kaye says that medical marijuana is already showing remarkable results, especially for PTSD sufferers and cancer patients.

Kaye said, “It really has impacted many, many lives. When your grandma is recovering from chemotherapy for cancer, she will be a typical user. There is a really good set up in Israel. Innovation wise, we’re already there, leading the way. In Israel we don’t stop someone using a product if it’s helping them, even if it’s illegal. No one should be put in jail for owning a plant.”

Kaye mentioned that medical marijuana has been shown useful for treating ailments like rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease and other Ashkenazi diseases.

The UK still classifies marijuana as a Class B drug, making every aspect of it illegal. Just possessing marijuana in the UK may result in a 5-year jail sentence and a fine.

Kaye suggests that the UK is behind the rest of the world regarding marijuana legislation because it’s reluctant to break away from tradition.

Photo: fb .com/CannaTech2015

Original article from only420.com:Israeli Entrepreneur Producing Marijuana Innovation Expo in London

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