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California Smells Trouble, Bans Marijuana Drone Delivery
Author: Duke London  12/09/2017 - 18:43:00

California lawmakers are working to beat a Jan. 1 deadline for the implementation of legal marijuana, and there are some very interesting inclusions in the Bureau of Cannabis Control’s newly-released licensing program regulations for businesses. 

While the legal cannabis industry is poised to create a plethora of new jobs in California, one sector that apparently won’t see much growth is marijuana delivery drivers — unless they want to get their commercial driver’s license. The newly-unveiled guidelines mandate that “cannabis goods will be required to be transported inside commercial vehicles or trailers.” The regulatory guidelines go on to include bans on marijuana delivery or transportation via “aircraft, watercraft, rail, drones, human powered vehicles, or unmanned vehicles.” 

Were drones actually delivering weed in California and I wasn’t taking full advantage of that spectacle?

Well, technically no, but there were already struggling companies such as Eaze teasing the service to cash in on some futuristic publicity. Here you go, I guess.

In January, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reported that over 670,000 drones had been registered with the government, which likely accounts for a fraction of the drones actually owned (or built from spare parts) and being flown everywhere. FAA Chief Administrator Michael Huerta estimates that by the year 2020, nearly seven million drones will be owned in the United States. 

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