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Life Inside a Zambian Prison for David Wightman
Author: Jon Hiltz  12/09/2017 - 21:14:00

David Wightman is a cannabis activist who was born in Zambia and raised in Canada. In May of this year, Marijuana.com published a feature on David highlighting his attempt to bring cannabis reform to Zambia through his journalism and various other efforts. 

By July, Zambian authorities raided David’s home and arrested his brother when David was not found on the premises. David later turned himself in and secured his brother’s release from jail. 

Legendary cannabis activist Marc Emery then learned of the case through our coverage and has helped David financially with his defense. 

David has now been in custody for almost three months but Marijuana.com was able to get some questions to him in prison through a friend. He responded with a written letter to let the world know how he’s doing. 

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