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Craft: The Compassionate Cannabis Company
Author: CULTURE Magazine  12/09/2017 - 21:47:00

Colorado-based Craft continues to prove that artisan-grade cannabis concentrates can be a form of art. Craft not only offers unbeatable concentrates, but the company helps the local community as well. On August 1, the company held its annual Craft Summer Blowout at Denver’s Cultivated Synergy, which was a customer appreciation-styled event. Then, on August 11, Craft participated in the 8th Annual Clinic Charity Classic gold event at the Arrowhead Golf Club in Littleton. The Clinic Charity Classic has raised about $400,000 since 2009 to fund research for the National MS Society. The company was sure to provide plenty of rigs for dabbing golfers at the event. It’s safe to say that charity and quality are two of the core values for this reputable company. 

Craft has been creating premier concentrates since 2015, so when it comes to Live Resin, nothing is taken more seriously than preserving terpene profiles, maintaining peak levels of THC and a final extract that is full of cannabinoid goodness. Because its Panacea line was born as an in-house grown product, the product is able to carefully select genetics, focus on high yielding strains, while picking out plants known for their terpene and cannabinoid spectrums. Rest assured—whether you’re buying PHO or Live Resin from Craft, the final product will be true to its consistency, ultra-rich in flavor, terpenes, and finally it will be aimed to cure all that ails you. Craft takes pride in being able to produce not only a premium product, but also offering all products at an affordable price point.

Craft started as a medical-only concentrate company but now can be found in over 350 dispensaries state-wide. As the industry continues to develop, so does Craft—without losing touch of incredible PHO wax and BHO shatter. The company’s innovative distillate process is quickly becoming one of Colorado’s favorite vape pen cartridges around. Available from our Sesh or Panacea line 500mg cartridges create from our thin-film distillation process you can now take it with you anywhere you go. The next question becomes, “Where are you seshing?”

Impress your seshing companions with top-of-the-line Live Resin, shatter and wax from Craft, one of the leading artisan cannabis concentrate companies, which also wears its compassion on its sleeve.

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