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Police Ask Canada Government to Postpone Legal Marijuana
Author: Associated Press  12/09/2017 - 20:05:00

OTTAWA, Ontario (AP) — Canada’s police services say there’s no chance they will be ready to enforce new laws for nationwide legalized marijuana by next summer. 

Representatives from different police forces are appearing before a Parliament health committee on Tuesday. It’s studying the government’s bill to make marijuana legal by July 1. 

Representatives from the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, the Ontario Provincial Police and the Saskatoon Police Service say they want the government to reconsider allowing people to grow pot at home. They say it will be difficult to police and could make it easier for young people to obtain marijuana. 

OPP Deputy Commissioner Rick Barnum says if the government doesn’t postpone, there will be a window of six months to a year to allow organized crime to flourish.

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Original article from hightimes.com:Police Ask Canada Government to Postpone Legal Marijuana


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