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Poll: 57.5% of Those in Germany Support Legalizing Marijuana
Author: Anthony Martinelli 11/09/2017 - 16:11:00

New polling shows strong support for legalizing marijuana in Germany. 

A new poll conducted by Mafo, a research firm, and commissioned by Playboy Deutschland, has found that a strong majority of German adults support the idea of legalizing marijuana. 

According to the poll, 57.5% of German residents support the legalization of marijuana for adults, including allowing them to purchase the plant from retail outlets. 90.5% of the poll’s respondents stated that they believe the country’s current laws don’t work at preventing cannabis from being consumed. 

Roughly 30% of those involved in the poll have consumed marijuana, considerably less than the nearly 50% of Americans who have consumed the plant at least once in their lives. 

When it comes to “hard drugs” like cocaine and heroin, support for legalization is drastically lower, with 92.9% opposed to making these substances legal. 

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