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Is Minnesota on the Fast Track to Legalization?
Author: Duke London  08/09/2017 - 19:11:00

Typically, conversations centering on which state will legalize cannabis next do not find their way to Minnesota, where current Governor Mark Dayton is a staunch opponent of cannabis legalization. In a 2014 poll on the topic, just 30 percent of Minnesotans who responded believed marijuana should be legalized for adults in the state. 

But things have certainly changed in the last few years. 

During the 12-day Minnesota State Fair, the House of Representatives conducts a wide-ranging poll of fair-goers to gain insight into trends among the state’s population. One of the questions Minnesotans were asked was if they would support the legalization of marijuana for adults above the age of 21. Over 7,100 respondents answered the question, with a slight majority (50.2 percent) favoring recreational legalization. 

And this major shift in cannabis cognizance isn’t isolated to voters, either. Among the major candidates for Governor of Minnesota in the incumbent Democratic-Farmer-Labor (DFL) party, all but one wholeheartedly supports the legalization of marijuana

United States Representative Tim Walz, St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman, and state Representatives Erin Murphy, Tina Liebling, and Paul Thissen each want to see adults in Minnesota gain legal access to marijuana for recreational use — State Auditor Rebecca Otto is the lone gubernatorial candidate who opposes legal weed in the state.

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