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First Cannabis Advertisement Runs on Mainstream Media
Author: CULTURE Magazine  08/09/2017 - 21:57:00

Nearly 120 million American households have televisions. And major cable networks average millions of views each day. Now these media powerhouses are airing a national advertisement for a “premier cannabis business law firm.” This is undoubtedly a milestone for the cannabis industry. 

The Hoban Law Group, a national law firm based in Colorado, secured primetime slots earlier this month for their ad which is appearing on Fox News, CNN, MSNBC and Viceland among others. The group specializes in medical cannabis and issues resulting from legal cannabis consumption — but it also offers expert advice for clients operating dispensaries and industrial hemp operations. Ben Hoban, founder of the firm, told Leafly the advertisement’s primary concern was establishing public recognition. 

“We’ve been on the leading edge of the cannabis industry not just as lawyers but as business consultants,” Hoban told Leafly. “With this ad we’re continuing to push the boundaries and reinforce the recognition of the Hoban Group as a national brand.”

American support for cannabis continues to grow, however getting networks to air the ad proved a challenge, Derrick Perkins, producer for DCP Media who worked closely with the firm for the ad, told Leafly. “They all have their own laws when it comes to cannabis,” Perkins said in the statement. It took Perkins 18 months to familiarize himself with these laws, securing the knowledge necessary to navigate the varying network guidelines

The ad is careful not to explicitly show cannabis plants (opting for an aerial shot of industrial hemp farming) and focuses on the business, medical and adult use issues surrounding cannabis in states where it is legal. Much like any business entity, legal representation and guidance is an integral aspect of cannabis operations. Considering that legislation regarding cannabis varies across the United States, cannabis law is a virtual necessity.

It will likely be years before cannabis consumption is explicitly advertised on national television (it is not federally legal yet), but this newfound industry exposure is sure to open doors.

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