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Cannabis Cultivation Emergency Declared in California County
Author: Alice  08/09/2017 - 14:53:00

September 08, 2017 California 

The California County board, on Tuesday, unanimously supported the proclamation raised by the Siskiyou County Sheriff, Jon Lopey. Lopey requested for the declaration of a local emergency due to illegal cannabis cultivation

An afternoon meeting was held at the supervisors’ chamber to decide whether or not the problem of illegal cannabis cultivation is, well and truly, out of the hands of the local agencies. The meeting was packed with people standing on both sides of the contention. 

Lopey talked about the dangers of illegal cannabis cultivation and how it was affecting not only people’s lives but the general environment as well, because of the use of pesticides and improper waste disposal. According to him, the county authorities lacked the capacity to put a stop to this illegality and that the declaration of an emergency would make it possible for the county to fight hand in hand against those involved in the cultivation illegally. He went at lengths to stress that legal cultivation of cannabis will not be targeted or disturbed. 

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Those who opposed the proclamation were majorly of Hmong descent. They argued that such an action is not, at all, what they expected in America for they were worried of raids on their private properties, regardless of whether they were involved in illegal cultivation or not.

They went at lengths to stress the services of the Hmong community to America with speakers sharing their personal experiences of the Vietnam War and how many members of the Hmong community used cannabis as a relief from the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which they suffered due to the experiences of the Vietnam War. Some of the speakers argued that they had lost family members in their association with the CIA during the Vietnam War.

The focus point of the nay sayers was that they wished America to love them as they loved America. They demanded that their Constitutional rights to privacy may not be infringed just because the authorities labeled their entire community as drug dealers because of the actions of a handful.

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Those who supported the proclamation suggested that the measure was necessary to root out illegal cannabis cultivation which, according to them, was detrimental. They buttressed their contention by pointing out that the cultivation not only contaminated the lots but also impacted their property values. They further complained about the garbage, the free roaming of dogs and some cultivators who didn’t want anyone coming near their properties.

The comment period of the meeting went back and forth, with speakers on both sides answering the questions raised previously and raising questions of their own.

Mouying Lee suggested the board to help educate the Hmong community on the issue and publishing brochures in their native language to ease their understanding.

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Lopey, in an attempt to reassure the Hmong community, told how he had sworn to protect the people of various Southeast Asian nations during his time at the military.

“We welcome all people to our county, but I ask one thing: They know the law and everyone should follow the law,” he said.

The meeting ended with the board’s unanimous support for the proclamation with a call for effective communication for the mobilization of all the communities of the county towards a common goal.

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