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Cards Against Humanity Donates $70,000 to Illinois Recreational Cannabis Initiative
Author: Nicole Potter  11/08/2017 - 18:17:00

The world famous Cards Against Humanity (CAH) card game, also called “a horrible game for horrible people,” just announced that it has donated $70,000 worth of profit from its cannabis-themed card pack to cannabis legalization. 

Back in July, CAH announced that it was selling a new card pack inspired by cannabis. The packs only cost $5 each, and they contain a number of new white and black cards to add to player’s existing Cards Against Humanity cards. More interestingly though, the company also noted on its website that profits from that card pack would be donated to the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP). 

CAH followed through with that promise—which surprises no one, since the company is well-known for its honesty, as well as its creative ways of getting people to buy things from them, such as other themed card packs, entrance into exclusive holiday treasure hunts and a brief Black Friday stunt that sold over 30,000 boxes of “bullshit” for $6. Despite the company’s interest in messing with its player base, Cards Against Humanity’s donation to the MPP is a noble one. According to Inc., money collected from the “Weed Pack” will continue to be given to the MPP until the company’s home state of Illinois legalizes cannabis for adult-use.

CAH employees, including Co-Creator Max Temkin, strongly believe that cannabis should be legalized. “A recent poll says that 66 percent of Illinois voters support regulating marijuana like we do alcohol,” said Temkin. “You’re telling me this effort is something the vast majority of people support that makes everyone happy and pays for our schools and roads, and we’re not doing it?”

CAH and the MPP’s partnership is a match made in heaven. MPP Senior Legislative Counsel Chris Lindsey is in full support of CAH and its unique approach to supporting cannabis. “The team behind Cards Against Humanity is doing a great service helping us fight what really is a crime against humanity: marijuana prohibition,” said Lindsey. “The Weed Pack is a hilarious approach to the topic but doesn’t overlook the fundamental injustice in arresting adults for using something that is safer than alcohol.”

Original article from ireadculture:Cards Against Humanity Donates $70,000 to Illinois Recreational Cannabis Initiative


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