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MMJ Industry Group Forms in Arkansas
Author: Alice  11/08/2017 - 15:55:00

August 11, 2017 Arkansas 

Arkansas is on the verge of establishing a new industry group. Dustin McDaniel—former Attorney General—is working alongside the Chairman of Medical Board, Arkansas to oversee the new board. It will be representing the corporations and the people who are doing business under the new law that has legalized medical cannabis in the state. 

There will be seven members on the board. Dr. Steven Cathey and McDaniel were the two members announced on Wednesday to feature on the board. In a recent news release, the association said that this effort will be leading voice for all the businesses, distributors, and cultivators who will serve the medical cannabis industry. 

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Medical cannabis was legalized in Arkansas back in November. The voters had it approved for the patients who suffer from a certain list of medical conditions that qualify for MMJ treatment. The Arkansas is currently accepting applications for the dispensaries as well as cultivators. Only the ones received by September 18th will be accepted.

David Couch will be acting as the Executive Director of the association. He also led the medical cannabis measure last year.

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