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Elevate Your Camping Trip with Cannabis
Author: Nicole Potter  10/08/2017 - 20:22:00

Summer will soon be coming to an end, but before the winter frost sets in, we can enjoy the cool weather that autumn (almost) always brings. This time of year is ideal for camping and spending time outdoors, and for hemp and cannabis enthusiasts, it’s the perfect time to commune with nature and also bring your cannabis along for the ride. In order to camp happily, there are two things that you need in order to be prepared—food and gear. Luckily, CULTURE has prepared a list of exactly what you might need (or just simply want) to bring on your next camping trip. 

Note that while camping is fun, always be sure to check a campground’s rules on cannabis consumption, especially if it’s located on federal property. Also ensure that you take extra precautions to protect both yourself, other campers nearby as well as local wildlife—no one wants to encounter a bear that’s accidentally eaten an edible.


CBD Living Water

More important than meal planning, making sure you and your party are well hydrated is essential. Bring ample amounts of bottled CBD Living Water to keep far away from dehydration, and you will also get your daily dose of the CBD to boot.

Infused S’mores

Nothing smells more like camping than the scent of s’mores made fresh from a campfire. The recipe is simple, just grab some cannabis infused olive oil to brush onto your graham cracker and roast as usual. Today, August 8, is actually National S’mores Day so even if you’re not out camping, this is a simple dessert that will bring back some of those camping memories (or at the very least, inspire you to make a blanket fort at home).

Infused Trail Mix

There are two kinds of campers—those who arrive in a motorhome and those who like to sleep in a tent and are active. For cannabis campers who like to take a stroll around their campsite or go hiking in the nearby area, don’t forget to bring some infused trail mix. While you don’t want to stray too far from the safety of your campsite, you can mix a variety of trail mix ingredients with a small amount of cannabis infused oil (can be olive or coconut) to get an added boost.


Hemp Sleeping Bag

If you’re truly roughing it (and we’re talking actual tents, not those boring rentable trailers) then you need a sleeping bag. It’s always colder in the wilderness, so be sure to keep warm with this 100 percent hemp sleeping bag. It’s good for the environment, thanks to the lack of substances like formaldehyde, dioxin, BPA and PVC, and you know it has quality because each sleeping bag is woven, knitted and sewn by hand.

Flashlight Pipe

The night is dark and full of terrors, so be prepared with this hybrid flashlight pipe! It’s portable enough to just hang on your keychain, but doesn’t actually function as a flashlight. However, it does come in green, red, black and blue, so that’s cool.

Hemp Fire Starter

If your goal of this camping trip is to get closer to nature, than making it as all-natural as possible is the key. If you’re not well practiced in using flint or lighter fluid to create your own flame, try these hemp firestarters instead. They’re simple little chunks of sawdust with the added hemp seed oil and wax. Light one of these babies up and you’ll have about 10-15 minutes of do-it-yourself flame to work with.

Custom Hemp Tipi

Tent camping usually includes some frustrations with putting everything together, and it can be a bit bland and boring to look at. Spice up your campsite with this unique, custom made tipi complete with a 100 percent hemp canvas. The time it takes to put one of these up may take longer, but it will also last longer too—no need to wake up in the middle of the night to find that your flimsy tent has collapsed on top of you.

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