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Cannabis Doesn’t Get a Mention in Addressing Opioid Crisis
Author: Alice  10/08/2017 - 16:22:00

August 10, 2017 

As per a recent announcement, Donald and Melanie Trump will both be having a meeting with Tom Prince—Secretary, Health and Human Services—to discuss the Opioid crisis. The meetup will be held at the President’s private golf course in New Jersey. The reason it was held in the first place was that deaths related to drug overdose have continued to skyrocket. 

There is no hiding from the fact that the opioid problem is growing. As per a report issued by the federal government, the fatalities caused by overdose have reached a record 20 for every 100,000 people. These figures are from the third quarter of 2016. The last quarter was even worse in terms of the number of deaths caused, leading to the sharpest ever increase in deaths from overdose annually. To get that into perspective, deaths from drug overdose today kill more people in a year than HIV, car crashes, or guns ever have. 

Chris Christie—the governor of New Jersey—revealed that around 142 Americans lose their lives to drug overdose every single day. Chris even went on to state that the term ‘crisis’ would be an understatement for what the country is going through here. He isn’t wrong either. The number of drug overdose fatalities for every three weeks, at the current rate, match the deaths caused in the barbaric 9/11 attacks! The White House has thus, been urged to address the issue as a criminal one instead of treating it as a public health matter.

New Jersey Flag with Marijuana – Image powered by Hightimes.com

What boggles our mind is that cannabis has had no mention in the opioid crisis discussions as of yet, especially keeping in view the fact that Jeff Sessions still holds his position. He wouldn’t let go of any chance to bash cannabis use, whether medical or recreational. Also, it saddens the cannabis advocates as well. With all that medical marijuana has done for patients and how it has helped people to stop using opioid, it surely did deserve a mention.

Instead of urging further study on the matter, the commission decided to cut out marijuana and its ability to combat opioid deaths. It is funny how the study that showed how consuming cannabis has resulted in a staggering 23% drop in opioid overdoses, has been ignored completely. Patrick Kennedy—former US Representative—stated that using cannabis to fight opioid is nothing different than putting gasoline to an already existing fire.

On the other hand, President Trump believes that a better way to fight opioid addiction is to make sure people don’t get addicted in the first place. He said that this could be accomplished by “maybe by talking to youth and telling them ‘no good, really bad for you.’”

Marijuana – Image powered by Salon.com

The sheer genius of our President never fails to astonish. His concrete plan is surely beyond people’s comprehension. To top this off, Kellyanne Conway—President’s Counsellor—states that all that is needed for the addicted people to fight opioid addiction is the four-letter word, “Will”. It seems as if there is a competition going on for who offers the lamest possible solution to an issue that has been taking more lives than it had ever before.

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