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Watermelon Kush
Author: Robert Bergman  09/08/2017 - 19:54:00

Information about Watermelon Kush: 

  • Effects 
  • Fragrance 
  • Flavors 
  • Adverse reactions 
  • Medical 
  • Growing 
  • Flowering time 

Breeders and cannabis connoisseurs keep coming up with new strains. Also, because they name them after so many different things, it is not surprising to see one named after a watermelon. So far, what we know is that this 80% Indica strain delivers a host of beautiful effects on users. 

Watermelons are heavy large fruits. In that sense, the cannabis strain is the same with regards to its potency. 

To be honest, we do not know where this marijuana hybrid came from nor who the breeder was. In fact, we do not even know its genetic lineage. About the only thing that we know is that it is mostly an Indica strain and that it delivers a heavy body high. 

Information about Watermelon Kush:

EFFECTSRelaxed – 10
Happy – 8
Euphoric – 7
Sleepy – 7
Hungry – 5
Dry eyes – 9
Headache – 7
Dizzy – 1
Paranoid – 1
FRAGRANCESweet, watermelon
FLAVORSSweet, tropical, berry
MEDICALStress – 10
Insomnia – 9
Pain – 8
Depression – 7
Lack of appetite – 5
THC CONTENT %18% to 20%
INDICA / SATIVA %80% / 20%
INDOOR YIELDounces per square meter
OUTDOOR YIELDounces or less per plant

* 10 is the highest
* 1 is the lowest


For a moment, let us take THC content into consideration. Once it reaches 20%, then we know a strain is potent. So, in the case of the Watermelon strain, users should understand their limits. As for new users, or those who are using marijuana for the first time, better use this one with caution.

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Watermelon, with only 20% Sativa side, may not look promising in as far as delivering a mental high. But that is far from the truth. Soon after users begin using this pot, it starts to induce a sensation of happiness. Also, a lot of people who used this strain reported feeling euphoric. If an experienced user did not know any better, they would think that the strain has a larger Sativa side.

Watermelon Kush Effects – Image powered by 420portal.com

After a brief moment, the mental buzz creeps down to the body. Like most Indica strains, users tend to feel their muscles relaxing. Some potent strains may deliver waves upon waves of an intense body high. But that is not how the Watermelon works. Instead, it continues to intensify without users realizing it.

Due to its sedative-like properties, we know it has incredible benefits for medical cannabis users. On that, we will cover in another section.

At the peak of the body high, some users are likely to feel a little lazy. Even so, and this is the beautiful part about using Watermelon strain, the users can fight off the effects if there is something that needs to be done. As such, it can be used during daytime, but only if users can control themselves and avoid overindulging.


One thing is for sure. Watermelon strain comes with a scent that most people will find appealing. By now, it is evident why the strain is named after a fruit. It comes with the sweet smell of watermelon mixed with the traditional kush odor.


As one might expect, the watermelon scent should carry over to its taste, right? But that is not the case, as the strain has a more grape or berry like flavor.

Adverse Reaction

So, understanding that the strain is potent, it means that it is best to use it in small amounts. Anyone over using, deliberately or due to underestimating it deserves to have a watermelon dropped on their heads. In fact, that is how some people feel while using it. According to a few users, they experienced a mild headache.

Watermelon Kush Adverse Reaction – Budgenius.com

Other than that, the other adverse reaction that is likely to happen as a result of using too much is experiencing dry mouth and eyes. Of course, this is pretty much the case with the use of any marijuana strain.

Finally, one last thing that is good to know is that there are instances when users may feel paranoid. It does not happen often, but if it does, try another strain next time.


Its ability to calm the muscles and induce a complete body relaxation is one reason why it is great for stress relief. Not to mention, the mental high it delivers influences happiness. As such, any strain that can reduce stress is likely to be beneficial to mental health issues such as depression.

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Because this is a heavy hitting Indica-dominant strain, and due to its sedative-like property, most users do feel sleepy afterward. For that reason, it can help patients suffering from serious illnesses sleep better. Even for people who are suffering from pains or aches in their bodies, Watermelon strain can help with that too.

Watermelon Kush Medical – Image powered by Pinterest.com

One thing about using this strain is that it causes users to feel hungry. Not all, but most people have a case of the munchies as its effects fade. It takes a little bit of an effort, but users can get up to get food to satisfy their hunger pang.


We have no information on the availability of seeds. So, at this time, we have to assume that it is clone-only. From how it looks and as far as we have gathered, the plant grows in outdoor and indoor. As always, we recommend using hydroponics indoor to have complete control over its growth.

Flowering Time

Being an Indica-dominant hybrid, we estimate its flowering time to be at 8 to 9 weeks. A safe assumption on its yield per square meter is around 12 to 16 ounces.

Watermelon strain is likely ready for harvest during the first week of October. Of course, it could be a week earlier. At any rate, each plant should yield around 16 ounces.

Have you ever smoked or grown your own Watermelon Kush? Please let me know what you think about this marijuana strain in the comments below.


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