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Pot Negotiators Seek Deal on Changes to Voter-Approved Law
Author: Associated Press  17/07/2017 - 16:42:00

BOSTON (AP) — House and Senate negotiators are scheduled to meet again as they try to hammer out a compromise over proposed changes to the state’s voter-approved marijuana law. 

The six-member conference committee is scheduled to gather behind closed doors Monday amid indications that it may be moving closer to an agreement. 

The panel has been struggling for weeks to settle differences between a House bill that calls for higher taxes on recreational pot and more control for local officials over retail marijuana stores, and a Senate bill that proposes more modest changes in the current law. 

The House chairman of the conference committee, Democratic Rep. Mark Cusack, said Friday he was optimistic that consensus could be reached soon. 

Legislative leaders originally set a June 30 deadline for resolving differences over the marijuana bills.

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Original article from hightimes.com:Pot Negotiators Seek Deal on Changes to Voter-Approved Law


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