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First Harvest Engages Hayden IR and Slee 3 Consulting to Develop Comprehensive Investor Relations Program
Author: Jocelyn Aspa  17/07/2017 - 15:40:00

First Harvest (OTCQB:HVST) has announced it has retained Hayden IR, a national investor relations consulting firm, and Slee 3 Consulting to put together a strategic investor relations program. 

As quoted in the press release: 

The Company’s Hemp Inc. (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/hemp-inc) is a business strategy, role-playing game with its focus on the modern cannabis culture. The mobile game is available on Apple iTunes and expected to be released soon on Android. 

“We are extremely pleased by the initial traction of our initial mobile game, Hemp Inc., a business strategy game for the cannabis industry. The key performance metrics have exceeded our internal expectations. We will now look to capitalize on our initial success with enhanced features and new games as we believe we are well positioned in the mobile gaming industry,” said Kevin Gillespie, First Harvest’s Chief Executive Officer. “The available opportunities within our targeted market of media and gaming in cannabis have increased and created a solid pipeline. As we look to build upon our initial success, the board and management believed it was an appropriate time to retain a more proactive strategic investor relations firm to help us reach new potential investors and effectively communicate our investment thesis. We are confident that throughout their national footprint, Hayden IR and Slee 3 Consulting will help us more effectively communicate our accelerated growth strategy, business objectives and corporate milestones to a wider audience of sophisticated investors.”

Hayden IR is a highly regarded investor relations consulting firm known for its ability to connect underfollowed and undervalued emerging growth companies with sophisticated institutional investors, buy-side and sell-side analysts, retail brokerage firms and accredited individual investors. Leveraging decades of cumulative experience, Hayden IR develops strategies to help clients effectively communicate with the investment community and works to increase their exposure through targeted outreach and transparent positioning. Hayden IR helps public companies deliver the right message to the right audience. Over time, Hayden IR helps its clients navigate up the Wall Street value chain and to help them secure a reasonable valuation by broadening their audience, expanding institutional ownership and ensuring clear, consistent communication with the public.

Click here to read the full press release.

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