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Nevada Issues First Recreational Marijuana Delivery Distribution License
Author: Sarah Parfitt 15/07/2017 - 09:00:00

This week, the first license in Nevada to transport marijuana from a cultivation facility to dispensaries was issued. 

Nevada is heavily limiting companies who can distribute legal marijuana to recreational dispensaries, and it has caused supply issues, according to CNN Money. Sales have only been legal for 2 weeks, and there are already supply shortages being reported. 

Blackbird Logistics Corporation was awarded the license and began shipping product nearly immediately after the license was issued. 

Al Fasano of Las Vegas ReLeaf dispensary said, “The dam has been broken and stuff is starting to trickle in.” 

Nevada has no supply restrictions in place for medical marijuana, only recreational. The Nevada Tax Commission is expected to adopt emergency regulations in order to make delivery licenses available to more companies as demand for legal recreational marijuana is booming.

So far, dispensaries haven’t completely run out of supply, but demand is at least double what was expected.

Blackbird plans to double its workforce by the end of July to handle this large increase in work.

Original article from only420.com:Nevada Issues First Recreational Marijuana Delivery Distribution License


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