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Green Party New Zealand Ramps Up Their Personal Use Campaign
Author: Jon Hiltz 14/07/2017 - 17:10:00

After years of stagnation, it seems that talk of marijuana reform in New Zealand is gaining real momentum. 

At the beginning of June, the country’s Associate Health Minister, Peter Dunne, announced that doctors are permitted to prescribe CBD for patients in need. 

A week later, a private member’s bill put forth by the Green Party was chosen for debate within the government. When Marijuana.com interviewed the author of the bill, Julie Anne Genter, she said that the bill carried weight because of a “groundswell of public support” on the issue. 

At the beginning of July, in an effort to move the conversation forward, the New Zealand Drug Foundation (NZDF) held a Parliamentary Symposium that called for a regulated cannabis market as well as the decriminalization of all drugs. 

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