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Nevada Marijuana Distribution Licenses Issued, Weed Shortage Avoided
Author: Monterey Bud  14/07/2017 - 15:49:00

Nevada’s potential marijuana drought has been resolved

Under Nevada’s voter approved marijuana law, alcohol distributors were initially given an 18-month monopoly on the transportation of all recreational cannabis. Creating a palpable panic across the Las Vegas Valley and causing a shortage of recreational products, the state has now issued two marijuana distribution licenses. 

Nevada, which officially rolled out a recreational marijuana program on July 1, sold approximately $3 million in recreational products over the extended holiday weekend. Initially great news for the state’s coffers – raising approximately $500,000 in new tax revenue – the state’s lack of planning for adequate distribution quickly created a conundrum for dispensaries – a lack of cannabis products

Thankfully, the looming shortage of edibles, concentrates, and even flower was short-lived. 

State regulators, caught off-guard, agreed on emergency procedures that will facilitate a streamlined licensing process for Nevada’s recreational distributors.   

The Reno Gazette Journal is reporting that Rebel One and Crooked Wine Company were awarded Nevada’s first marijuana distribution licenses earlier this week, allowing the two companies to transport products from cultivation facilities to state authorized dispensaries. 

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