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Will Public Consumption Be Allowed in Alaska?
Author: Alice 14/07/2017 - 07:22:00

July 14, 2017 Alaska 

The consumption of cannabis is subject to a wide range of regulation. People have been wanting to enjoy the open consumption of this drug in Alaska but things haven’t quite worked out in their favor. A few months ago, a proposal was given to the officials of the state to allow the consumption at the retail cannabis dispensaries of Alaska. It got rejected by the regulators. 

However, Anchorage Assembly members haven’t decided to sit back on the verdict. They are out urging lawmakers to get the social cannabis consumption allowed. A resolution was adopted this Tuesday in which the regulators were urged by the Assembly to pass the rule to allow public consumption. It can be labeled as a coincidence that the resolution came at a time when Fairbanks and the Marijuana Control Board of Alaska are preparing to meet. 

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The meeting will be centered around discussing the different proposals that are put forward with regard to the consumption of cannabis in dispensaries. In February, the proposal was rejected by a 3-2 vote. If it were approved, it would have made this state the first ever in the US to both purchase and consume the drug at the dispensaries.

There was quite a bit of argument on the matter. One part of the argument was that accepting this proposal would lead the state in a state of utter chaos, particularly in seasons like summer when the influx of tourists is at its peak. This is because tourists would surely want a place to consume cannabis. Only in the year 2016, there were two million tourists that visited Alaska. Going to the fiscal year 2014-2015, around $1.9 billion was spent in this state. The Associated Press revealed that most part of that money had come in during summers.

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One of the members of the Anchorage Assembly and a representor of downtown—Christopher Constant—has led the resolution. His point of view was also quite logical in the matter. According to him, the consumption of cannabis in public areas like parks can be quite problematic. He emphasized on the fact that the resolution is not supposed to be just another policy statement. Instead, it is supposed to open eyes of the members of Marijuana Control Board of Alaska so they would at least take some action in this matter.

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