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Ontario Government Sends Out Legalization Survey
Author: Jon Hiltz  13/07/2017 - 21:23:00

Whether you agree with how legalization in Canada is taking shape or not, the one thing that can be agreed upon is that the government has asked for input from its people throughout the historic journey. 

Citizens of the Great White North have chimed in through surveys and town halls ever since the idea of legal weed was just a mere glimmer in Canada’s collective eye. 

The latest questionnaire has just been released by the Government of Ontario and it’s making the rounds faster than a joint at a Phish concert. This eight page document asks Ontarians a myriad of questions that will help form the initial framework of cannabis legislation in the province. 

Some of the queries might seem useless, such as “how do you feel about the legalization of cannabis,” because no matter how you answer, that ship has sailed. 

Other questions in the survey ask about frequency of use if you do partake, and the preferred form of pot consumed, such as edibles, flower or shatter.

The question on age limits looks into how strongly residents feel about setting the minimum age at 19, which shows that no matter what, Ontario will not be going for the 18-year minimum that was suggested by the federal task force.

Driving under the influence of pot has been a big topic of discussion throughout the legalization process. The survey continues the discussion by asking Canadians if they support stricter penalties than the current regime, which on the low-end can net drivers a $180 penalty, and on the high-end criminal charges and the loss of one’s license altogether.

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