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What to look for in an online smoke shop
Author: Guest  13/07/2017 - 07:36:00

Here is a step by step guide on what to look for in an Online smoke shop. 

Site Credibility: 

With tons and tons of shops popping up it’s hard to weed out the crappy ones and find a solid smoke shop. Established and Prominent companies usually have partners. Check out who they partnered up with and who’s talking about them.  Not only is this a great way to see if the site is legit but it also tells you that other dominant companies trust them. 

Use site like https://www.similarweb.com/ to see a ton of info about the site such as traffic, links, back links and much more. 

Products on Site:

Take a quick look at the products you see. On all legit companies you will see categories you can select from. For example, online smoke shops like Livestoner.com has cheap bongs, grinders, dab rigs, pipes, apparel etc.. If they do not have at least 4 different categories, it’s time to leave.

Keep an eye on how many products per page they have as well. Some like to add fewer products to each page so you stay on the site longer and look at more pages. This is just a hassle and really sucks for the customer.

Another tip: The Image Quality. If the image quality of the products are poor then you can bet most of the other aspects of the online smoke shop will be as well. Sometimes you just know in your gut what’s legit and what is trash.

The Design:

Site layout, colors, flow and quality. Ever been to a site that just look plain ugly? Avoid those. Not only are they bad for your eyes but for your wallet. If the company can’t spend time or money on making their site fit the modern era, then they aren’t worth your time or money. A design flaw is usually the downfall of any website. When you spend your hard earned money on a new bong or any other smoking accessory, you want professionalism.

Sometimes the site can look awesome but have horrible products/reviews. This is why it’s imperative to keep these 5 rules in mind when shopping on an online smoke shop

Customer Service:

The good companies will have an email like this (JoneDoe@companieswebsite.com) or (CustomerService@companieswebsite.com) Those are emails that are directly to the website.

How fast do they respond to your question/concerns? Before you make a purchase, send them a quick email asking about the site. If they respond within 24hrs, they have great customer service and you can bet when you run into a problem they will be there!

Real companies have Real reviews, remember that. How can you spot real/fake reviews?

1)Not everyone is happy with what they got. Just like any retail store there are good and bad reviews. If a smoke shop has 100 five star reviews, somethings not right.

2) Look at how the text is.. All lower case? Nothing unique about each post or they sound the same? It’s probably fake.

3) Paid reviews. Sometimes smoke shops pay for customer reviews.

Social Presence:

Always check their social media accounts before purchasing. You can find out A LOT about a company from their social links. This is also another way to validate if the smoke shop is real or fake. See how users interact, what they post and see if their followers are real. If you are still on the fence, follow that company for a while and see what they post and how often.

Focus on these aspects and you will avoid buying crappy products from online smoke shops.

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